coaching to promote wellbeing in the workplace


Is staff wellbeing on the agenda in your workplace?

Apricot Lane Coaching can make a positive contribution to staff wellbeing in your work setting, promoting effective working and a positive environment.

I offer individual coaching in executive and educational settings, aiming to enhance self-esteem and confidence, staff morale, workload management, work/life balance, personal development and stress management.


Educational Settings

Given my own teaching background, I specialise in coaching staff in educational settings. Teaching as an occupation presents some of the highest levels of work-related stress. I use coaching techniques to enable staff in schools to find practical solutions to issues and circumstances that might cause stress, anxiety and poor mental health. 


Coaching For Leaders

No doubt as a leader, the wellbeing of your staff is high on your
agenda; but how much attention do you give to your own
personal and leadership development?
Apricot Lane Coaching works with leaders at all levels, offering the opportunity to talk through your situation in a calm, neutral environment.
As your leadership coach, I won’t be giving you answers or advice. I will listen without judgement to your story and work with you to unravel confusion and find the clarity and confidence you need to make decisions, take risks and develop ideas and solutions.


Group Development and Wellbeing

Are there groups or teams in your setting who you feel might not 

be fulfilling their potential?

Maybe you recognise a need to develop group cohesion 

or find new and positive team approaches to challenging situations.
Or sometimes staff might just feel more comfortable accessing
coaching support in a group situation.
Apricot Lane Coaching offers bespoke group packages, which I
plan with you and your team according to your priorities and specific needs.                

Packages cover themes such as; Team values and strengths; Current reality, future vision; Effective listening; Emotional intelligence; Motivation, energy and creativity; Relationships and cohesion; Working environment; Working positively with change.

The possibilities are almost endless! 

Get in touch to discuss a package for your situation.


Coaching to Support Designated Safeguarding Staff

I have extensive and current experience of safeguarding procedures and understand that frequent exposure to safeguarding work can have a traumatic effect on staff involved.
Apricot Lane Coaching supports staff at risk of secondary trauma, protecting them from the emotional impact and detrimental toll this can take on their own mental health.
Using coaching techniques, I give time, space and a non-judgemental listening ear, for designated staff to talk, offload,

 reflect and process their caseload. 

Such support is vital in protecting the health of the member of staff, ensuring that they are able to carry out their vital role safely and effectively.


How can Apricot Lane Coaching work with you?

I offer workplace coaching in Gloucestershire, The Cotswolds, South Worcestershire and South West Warwickshire.

We can arrange a free 30 minute consultation to discuss 

how we might work together.

Give me a call or drop me an email to make an appointment or to find out more.

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